Monday, April 12, 2010

CfP:: 9th International Studying Leadership Conference, Sweden

9th International Studying Leadership Conference (2010 ISLC)
Leadership: Missions, Myths and Mysteries

13-14 December 2010

Organized by: School of Economics and Management, Lund University, Sweden

Call for papers
Hosted by the School of Economics and Management, Lund University, the 9th studying leadership conference provides a forum for debate on current and future advances in leadership theory, development and practice. It is designed to bring together scholars, practitioners and developers interested in exploring leadership from a variety of theoretical, pedagogical and practical perspectives and experiences. The ambition of the conference is to stimulate sharing, debate and insight, to facilitate dialogue from different theoretical traditions and pedagogical practices, and to open up possibilities for further inquiries and developments.

The theme of the conference: 'Missions, myths and mysteries' aims to highlight current trends in leadership, recognizing the significance of empirically and critically examining compelling missions myths and mysteries inherent in the way leadership is conceptualized and practiced. Is leadership the obvious answer to all challenges or might it also be part of the puzzles that organizations face in contemporary society? The conference seeks to examine the what, who, why, how and when of

The conference organizers invite papers and workshop themes on any area of leadership research, development and practice. While we encourage both traditional papers and workshop proposals from mainstream functionalist and interpretative approaches, we are also keen to encourage more critical approaches that challenge taken-for-granted assumptions and practices in leadership. We also encourage submissions from related disciplines such as organizational theory/studies/behaviour, management/business, occupational psychology, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, education, political science, military studies, health and social welfare, history and philosophy, which can all explore and critically evaluate missions, myths and mysteries in current and future leadership research, development and practice.

Send Abstracts (approx. 300 words) by 1st September 2010.

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