Monday, November 30, 2009

STS Working Papers from the Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Trivandrum, Kerala, India

STS Working Papers from the Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Sunil Mani

  • High Skilled Migration From India, An Analysis of its Economic Implications. November 2009: WP 416. Download
  • Has India Become More Innovative Since 1991? Analysis of the Evidence and Some Disquieting Features. September 2009: WP 415. Download
  • [EPW Article] Is India Becoming More Innovative since 1991? Some Disquieting Features. India is variously described as a knowledge-based economy in the making, thanks essentially due to her high economic growth and the role played by knowledge-intensive sectors such as information technology in spurring and maintaining this growth performance. This paper looks at the empirical evidence on whether this is indeed the case since the reform process began in 1991. A variety of conventional indicators are analysed and their movements over the last two decades or so are charted to draw some firm conclusions. The results show that instances of innovation are restricted to a few areas such as the pharmaceutical industry. Further, increasingly most of the innovations in industry are contributed by foreign firms operating in the country. EPW, Vol. 44 No. 46 November 14 - November 20, 2009. More ...
  • The Growth of Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship in India, 1991-2007: Analysis of its Evidence and the Facilitating Factors. February 2009: WP 409. Download
  • Financing of Industrial Innovations in India, How Effective are Tax Incentives for R&D? August 2008: WP405. Download
  • The Growth Performance of India's Telecommunications Services Industry, 1991-2006, Can it Lead to the Emergence of a Domestic Manufacturing Hub? September 2007: WP390. Download
  • Sectoral System of Innovation of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. September 2006: WP382. Download

K.J. Joseph and Vinoj Abraham

  • Information Technology and Prductivity: Evidence from India's Manufacturing Sector. September 2007: WP389. Download

M. Parameswaran

  • International Trade, R&D Spillovers and Productivity: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Industry. June 2007: WP385 Download

K.J. Joseph, Govindan Parayil

  • Trade Liberalization and Digital Divide: An Analysis of the Information Technology Agreement of WTO. July 2006: WP381. Download

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