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Call for Papers on ICT Innovations: The EuroIndia ICT Cooperation Conference 2009

Call for Papers on ICT Innovations: The EuroIndia ICT Cooperation Conference 2009

10-11 December 2009 - New Delhi, India

Supported by the European Commission and hosted by International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi, India


After having spent approximately two years fulfilling the objectives of the Euro-India ICT Innovation Mapping project, The Euro-India ICT-Cooperation consortium is preparing for the final conference where we aim to share our findings and insights on Indian ICT innovative story with industry, academia and government. We have divided the conference into three sections.

Section A, will encapsulate events that will aim to share our finding on the past two years of our innovation mapping study. We will share with the audience our understanding of India's innovative potential and collaborative capacity. Section B will be dedicated to presentation of international academic papers on ICT innovation specifically between Europe & India and including emerging economies at large. This section includes a Call For Papers with proposed topics. This section will offer an opportunity to explore the EuroIndia ICT Knowledge mapping findings in contrast with other geographical regions and / or domains. Section C, will be a dedicated exhibition where some of the innovative Indian companies, involved in the EuroIndia knowledge mapping, will display their innovations to the audience.

With such a structure, we aim to achieve three goals; we want to present and discuss findings and trends on ICT innovations in India in an international perspective. Second, we will provide a platform to Indian and international academics studying ICT innovation from different perspectives to discuss their research results and third we will provide a venue for companies to show some of their innovative accomplishments.

Call for Papers

If we consider ICT to be a new set of technologies then we could conjecture that whatever happens in the ICT sector in terms of product, process or service delivery is innovation. There is some truth to this statement only if we still consider ICT only as a new and emerging industry.

This conference seeks to move the debate and research to addressing ICT innovation from a perspective assuming not only newness but also maturity. In which case everything that comes out of this industry cannot be assumed as innovative at first instance, in our conceptualization ICT innovation is not automatic, meaning everything done in this industry is not innovation, instead innovation in ICT needs be as unique as any other technology requiring a persistent effort in understanding how innovation takes shape, in order to be able to manage for maximum benefit to the innovating entity and the recipients or users of the innovation.

We need a nuanced understanding of ICT innovation that combines knowledge sharing, transfer and capture issues, with ideas linked to the sustenance and management of innovation, with alliance building, and with domain as well as technology perspectives. The nuanced understanding of ICT innovation requires a broad as well as an in-depth understanding of how technologies, domains, social systems, cultures organizations and management combine resources and skills to persist in ensuring sustainable innovation in emerging economies.

What are the specific challenges that innovators face in these economies, what are the mitigating factors that needs to be considered to help innovators in emerging economies? How innovation takes shape in emerging economies and how is it different, if at all, and does the institutional and resource constraint provide opportunities for innovators to ply their trade or do they hinder innovators in the ICT sectors? These are some of the issues that we invite for discussion.In particular the papers should focus on ICT innovation with an aim to explore and develop both a theoretical frameworks, embedded in empirical contexts for ICT innovation.

The indicative areas we seek contributions to, though not comprehensive are:

  • Innovation processes, including creativity, knowledge capture, transfer and sharing;
  • Social, cultural and policy effects on innovation and its institutional logics;
  • Financial issues, venture capital role in evaluating ideas and its impact on ICT innovation;
  • Political issues, regional, national and international in ICT innovations;
  • Innovation management, frameworks for capturing ideas, idea utilization and problem framing techniques;
  • Organizational design for innovation; networked firms, alliances, mergers, joint ventures, R&D Labs, standardisation bodies, etc.
  • Managing disruptive innovations, distributed innovation, co-creation, open innovation;
  • Cases of innovative ICT applications in business, government and civil society, including e-health, e-government, ICT innovations in transport and logistics, e-education, training and development;
  • Limitations and problems to innovation specifically between Europe & India and including emerging economies at large;
  • ICT innovations for development in emerging economies;Global and national systems of innovations.

Abstracts submission: The abstracts will be accepted till 10th September 2009 at https://conference.cbs.dk/index.php/euroindia/euroindia/index.

Further Details: Call for Paper

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