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Call for Research Proposals under the NSTMIS Programme

Call for Research Proposals under the NSTMIS Programme


The National Science & Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS) Division of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), India is the nodal agency for collection, analysis and dissemination of vital S&T information at the national level.

The Scheme

The division sponsors research projects / studies to interested investigators/ organizations under the NSTMIS Scheme. The broader areas where studies could be taken up in the sponsored mode are S&T manpower, S&T investment, S&T infrastructure, S&T output, S&T databases, R&D productivity / efficiency etc.

Some of the sub-areas in which the research proposal/ studies could be submitted are given as below:

  1. Quantification of resources devoted for R&D activities in the Higher Education Sector.
  2. Barriers to generation, diffusion and commercialization of R&D.
  3. Impact studies in the, field of S&T.
  4. Manpower studies in the emerging S&T areas.
  5. Development of. Innovation Indicators.
  6. Classification of R&D Institutions by Broad Research areas.
  7. Classification of Extramural R&D projects by sub-areas.
  8. Gender related studies in the field of S&T.
  9. Industry, Academic and Institution Linkages.
  10. R&D Manpower Profile.
  11. Scientiometric Studies in S&T areas.
  12. R&D Output Indicators.
  13. Quantification of R&D in Social Sciences.
  14. Measuring S&T input and output.
  15. Utilization pattern of Govt. Patents.
  16. Studies on growth of various S&T areas and need assessment of future professions.
  17. Linkages between Industry, Technology and S&T policies.
  18. Out-turn of S&T personnel.
  19. Development of Science Citation Index data base for India.
  20. Success Stories of Indian Industries.

Who can Apply

Scientists, Technologists, Statisticians, Economists, Sociologists, Development/ Planning/Policy Experts, Management Specialists etc. from academic / research institutions, registered societies, and consultants may submit their proposals in a prescribed format.

Approval Mechanism

Proposals are screened first by NSTMIS and then referred to the Programme Advisory Committee for technical evaluation before final approval.

The guidelines for formulating / submission of projects can be downloaded from the NSTMIS website

The proposals may be sent to:
Department of Science and Technology
Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi-110 016

For any other clarification, please contact Smt. Namita Gupta, Member Secretary, Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) at Tel. No. 26567373/Extn.: 371 or 267 E-Mail: namita[at] or rchetal[at]

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