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CSSS Kolkata offers Short-Term Residential Post-Doctoral Fellowships 2009

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta
Short-Term Residential Post-Doctoral Fellowships 2009
Theme: Violation and Violence

What constitutes violation? How is it linked to violence? Violations of rights, freedoms, and human dignity are hardly random occurrences in our times. They are perpetrated by both private parties and public authorities. Resistance to such acts may also entail violation of 'unjust' laws, policies or practices in the shape of, say, civil disobedience or armed resistance. Violence — political, economic, cultural or domestic — is at times violation's ally; at others it may take on the form of counter-hegemonic protest or anti-hierarchical anarchic dissent. Arguably, 'violation' and 'violence' are contradictory resources having both hegemonic and radical potentials. To address the conceptual and methodological riddles that surround these ideas we need an 'interdisciplinary' prism, that is to say, a combination of historical, political, economic, cultural and sociological optics. This is particularly true in today's context. Live as we do in times when the experience of 'terror', both in terms of real events and their media-representations, is getting increasingly integrated to our everyday, the 'violation-violence' nexus demands being examined from perspectives that are not bound exclusively by strict disciplinary protocols.

i) Ph.D. in any of the social science disciplines (e.g., Economics, History, Sociology, Political Science, Cultural Studies [Literature, Film Studies, Philosophy, etc.], Development studies, Environmental Science, Geography, Social Anthropology, Education) [Those who have submitted their Ph.D. theses are also eligible to apply.]
ii) Undergraduate college teachers would be given preference
iii) Preferably within 35 years of age

Selection Procedure
i) Each applicant is required to send a research proposal of approximately 2000 words addressing the fellowship's theme.
ii) Each short-listed candidate will be required to give a 30-minute talk on her / his research-proposal in the presence of Examiners and faculty members of csssc.(The expenses for travel will be borne by CSSSC)

Fellowship Profile
The Short-term Residential Post-doctoral Fellowship Programme is apart of the Project 'Training in New Social Science Research Methods' being run by the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta (CSSSC).The Project is partly funded by Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust (NRTT).

Fellowship Conditions
CSSSC is offering three One-year Residential Post-doctoral Fellowships under its 'Training in New Social Science Research Methods' Project for the year 2009-10. The Resident Post-doctoral Fellow will have to
(i) re-locate her/himself to Kolkata within a month of appointment and be present full-time at the Baishnabghata-Patuli campus of CSSSC for research-work;
(ii) participate in all academic activities of CSSSC;
(iii) present a paper in November 2009 on the research done by her/him at the Annual CSSSC-NRTT Workshop on 'Violation and Violence'.

Fellowship Amount
Rs. 27,000 (consolidated)per month for twelve consecutive months

Deadline for receiving applications: 30 April 2009

Please send your application consisting of research-proposal and curriculum vitae to the following address:
Ranjana Dasgupta
Research-Officer, CSSSC-NRTT Programme
Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta
R-1, Baishnabghata-Patuli Township
Kolkata 700 094
e-mail: programs[at]

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