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Call for Papers: Fourth International Conference on Public Policy and Management

Fourth International Conference on Public Policy and Management

August 9th -12th 2009

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)

The IV International Conference provides a stimulating forum for scholars, academics, practitioners and other stakeholders engaged in public policy. It also offers unique opportunities for networking and sharing knowledge, from different parts of the world. This year's focal themes are:

1) Managing Global Economic Challenges: Policy Responses and Governance Initiatives, and

2) National and International Governance Challenges.

Aside of these focal themes, we also invite papers and proposals for panel sessions from all domains of public policy and management spanning public policy theory, practice, management and teaching of public policy.

Papers should clearly indicate which of the two themes they wish to be considered under. In case authors wish their papers to be considered as a general entry they are requested to indicate this in their abstract. The author(s) of proposed paper which is outside the two focal themes are encouraged to suggest a thematic topic/group for the paper to be placed if accepted.

Submit an Abstract of 200 Words with Four Keywords and Author’s Profile with Contact Details by January 19th, 2009. Please mail your Abstract to the concerned Regional Coordinator (rameshg[at] with a copy to us & (cppconference2009[at] Abstracts and Papers will be blind reviewed before acceptance.

Full Paper Submission by April 15th, 2009

For more details on paper submission guidelines and for the registration form, please visit conference website.

Conference Themes

(i) Managing Global Economic Challenges: Policy Responses and Governance Initiatives

While globalization has vastly increased possibilities of gains from transactions across and within nations it has also meant that governance has become even more important. A key policy concern is how to make income growth more inclusive in a globalized world particularly for marginalized communities. Other concerns pertain to regulation and developing a uniform set of standards for goods and services, the domains of intervention for government and non-government organizations, and even the very relationship and meaning of nation states in such a globalized world. Papers under this theme could focus on characterizing globalization, drivers of globalization, role of public policy in managing global pressures, and decentralized and centralized structures of governance that make globalization and which seek to provide an enabling environment for society at large.

(ii) National and International Governance Challenges

Electoral competition in states with multi-party electoral systems has inevitably meant that governments are no longer formed by single party majorities but by coalitions of smaller parties. Public policy processes in such settings, ranging from policy formulation, to its very implementation would appear to require compromises that are unintended and in the extreme may dilute the very purpose of the policy itself. Papers on this theme may document the fragmentation of the political mandate, analyze the consequences of such fragmentation, effective governance structures, and study of role of non-government organizations in delivering public policy or even explore legal, fiscal and institutional reforms that could be used to mitigate the consequences of such fractured political mandates.

Conference Secretariat:

Centre For Public Policy

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)

Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 076, Karnataka, India

Ph: 91-80-26993323, 26993051

Email: cppconference2009[at]

Conference Website: <>

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