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Science, Technology Policy And The Diffusion Of Knowledge: Understanding the Dynamics of Innovation Systems in the Asia Pacific

Science, Technology Policy And The Diffusion Of Knowledge: Understanding the Dynamics of Innovation Systems in the Asia Pacific
Edited by Tim Turpin (Professorial Fellow, Centre for Industry and Innovation Studies, University of Western Sydney, Australia) and Venni V. Krishna (Professor in Science Policy, Centre for Studies in Science Policy, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India)

The Asia Pacific has emerged as one of the most dynamic regions in the world, presenting a variety of social and economic experiences and responses to global pressures. In this book twelve country case studies explore the ways in which national science, technology and innovation policies are evolving in response to globalization. The editors argue that the national innovation system (NIS) perspective is driving policy regimes toward new approaches in policy intervention. Underlying the new policy agenda is a concern with reframing the role for science, technology and innovation institutions including higher education and integrating local community, national and global technology objectives. Presenting a broad analysis, the book will be of great interest to policy analysts and practitioners concerned with science, technology and innovation policy. It will also appeal to academic and postgraduate students concerned with innovation and industrial development, as well as scholars and practitioners engaged in regional development and international business in the Asia pacific region.

Table of Contents

1. Transition and Change: Innovation Systems in Asia-Pacific Economies/ V.V. Krishna and Tim Turpin

2. ‘Marking Time?’ The Evolution of the Australian National Innovation System, 1996–2005 / Sam Garrett-Jones

3. New S&T Policies and Repositioning of Universities in the Changing National Innovation System: The Case of Japan / Fumi Kitagawa and Robert Schuman

4. Science and Technology Policy and Diffusion of Knowledge in New Zealand / Peter D. Cleland and Susan E. Manley

5. The Evolution of Korea’s National Innovation System and Science and Technology Policy / Deok Soon Yim

6. The Dynamics of China’s National Innovation System: Resources, Capabilities and Linkages / Jing A. Zhang

7. Dynamics at the Sectoral System of Innovation: Indian Experience in Software, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals / V.V. Krishna

8. Thailand at the Crossroads: The Dynamics of Thailand’s National Innovation System / Patarapong Intarakumnerd and Peter Brimble

9. The Dynamics of Innovation and Technology Capability in Pakistan / S.T.K. Naim

10. Science and Technology Policy and the Dynamics Underlying the Malaysia Innovation System / Fadzilah Ahmad Din and V.V. Krishna

11. The Emerging National System of Innovation in the Philippines / Amelia C. Ancog and Albert P. Aquino

12. Innovation Strategy for the Pacific Islands in the New Millennium: Mixing Science with Tradition / Will Tibben and Apelu Tielu

13. S&T Policy and the Sri Lankan National System of Innovation: The Role of Public Research Systems / Seetha I. Wickremasinghe and V.V. Krishna

2007 480 pp Hardback ISBN: 978 1 84376 780 0 £ 95.00

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